Ambitious Science Teaching

Book study:

Here, we study some of the 14 chapters found in the book/science teaching framework Ambitious Science Teaching (AST). This framework draws on research to insure that instruction is "rigorous and equitable for students of all backgrounds". You can find the book at Harvard Education Press' website. You can also find their accompanying website by clicking here.

The 4 core practices of AST

  1. Planning for engagement with big science ideas
  2. Eliciting students' ideas
  3. Supporting ongoing changes in student thinking
  4. Drawing together evidence-based explanations

The 7 elements of AST:

  1. Teacher's anchor learning in complex and puzzling science phenomena
  2. Students' hypotheses, experiences, cultural knowledge and questions are treated as resources to help the class build towards big science ideas
  3. Students use ensembles of science practices for testing ideas they believe are important to their developing explanations and models
  4. Teachers provide varied opportunities for students to reason through talk
  5. Students have access to specialized tools and routines that support their science writing, talk, and participation in activity
  6. Students' thinking is made visible and subject to commentary by the classroom community
  7. Learning experiences are selected to help students build toward cumulative nuanced understanding of big science ideas