Curriculum Maps and more

Cycle 1

While there is a Progression of Learning (POL) set out by the government for teaching science and technology in grades 1 and 2, there is no time allocated to the subject. This means you will need to include science and technology within the other subjects you teach.

This bare-bone map of the POL can help you inject SciTech in your lessons. It is a work in progress - increasingly gaining more useful information, activities and sample lessons with every year.

Cycle 2

Grades 3 and 4 are the first years where science and technology has allotted time in the students' schedules. The curriculum map splits up important concepts that act as foundational knowledge that will be revisited constantly as the student moves up through their schooling. Concepts taught here are reappear in more complex ways in grade 10 and potential on their high school leaving exams.

Cycle 3

Grades 5 and 6 are, in a way, a revisiting of concepts from grades 3 and 4 respectively. While they go in more depth than previous years, they are meant to build on that knowledge (scaffold) and prepare students to reason scientifically before they enter high school.

The STEM bin

This is a collection of interesting resources including:

  • Ready made lessons

  • Big Science Ideas for lesson planning

  • A bank of assessments (work in progress)

The Old STEM Bin is the previous version of this page. It contains items that are less immediately useful (maybe)

Old STEM Bin

Special needs

This is a bank of resources, links and ideas to help you teach students with special needs.

Recall that a student with special needs could have a learning disability or, often overlooked because they need less help from the teacher, they are gifted and need to be challenged more.