This kit contains ribbon measuring tapes, beakers, test tubes, stopwatches, digital thermometers, a digital scale, and a digital microscope. Use this kit to have students practice making precise measurements.


This kit contains tools necessary for exploring magnetism such as U-magnets, bar magnets, ferromagnetic materials, compasses, and electromagnets. Use this kit to teach students about the one of the strongest fundamental forces in the universe.

Rocks and minerals

This kit contains a variety of Rocks and minerals as well as the tools necessary to identify their characteristic properties such as a ceramic tile for a scratch test, and black light. Use this kit to show students how rocks and minerals are classified according to different properties.

Simple Machines

This kit contains 3 sets of wooden gears showing the different kinds of gear trains. Use this kit to show a simple sequence of mechanical parts in motion as well as transmission of mechanical energy

Electric Circuits

This kit contains a hand-powered electric generator, alligator clamp wires, lightbulbs and sockets, a battery and battery case. Use this to show how mechanical energy is transformed into electric energy.


This kit contains a windmill, hydroelectric generator, and solar power cells as well as energy converting devices such as a light, gears, buzzer and amp meter. Use this kit to show how energy can be converted from one form to another and transferred from one place to another.